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30 Nov

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How to Write in Chinese in Windows 10 (and 11)

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My dad asked me how to write Chinese in Windows 10 ссылка to my chagrin as a Microsoft fanboy, I did not know. I searched the web and YouTube, and while I eventually figured out what to do I surprisingly did not encounter one short and simple tutorial on doing so. Hence, this quick article and video. As it turns out, writing Chinese in Windows 10 is exceedingly easy!

If you have a Windows tablet or 2-in-1 like the Chinese handwriting input windows 10 download Surface, you can easily write Chinese using a stylus or finger and Windows will automatically convert your handwriting to typeface. Here is a video приведенная ссылка the above.

I actually prefer Option 2b typing in Pinyin above since I know how to write very few Chinese words, but know how to say some and can sort of recognize the most basic ones. Of course, a native Chinese person would probably prefer writing with a stylus or finger. Thanks Felix for the video, my dad asked me the same question. Gifted him a surface and he gave it back to me unable to understand how to use.

Want to transition him ссылка your video will go along way!! Hi Karin. That’s funny; I had originally created the video for my dad too! Hope it helps your dad. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment!

You rock! Do i need to download the Appl or change key broad to do Chinese Hand Writing? Regarding your question, without a touchscreen, it still chinese handwriting input windows 10 download possible to use the drawing method that I showed in the video. But you would have to draw the character with your mouse or built-in touchpad instead of using your finger or stylus. As you can imagine, that would be a lot more awkward. Another method I have used that is imperfect is to type English into Google Translate, find the Chinese characters I want, and copy and paste.

Depending on what you are trying to do, that might be adequate also. If you do a lot of writing of Chinese, адрес страницы, I chinese handwriting input windows 10 download highly chinese handwriting input windows 10 download getting a laptop with a touchscreen and a stylus.

Most Windows laptops have a touchscreen nowadays. Previous blog post: Microsoft Band 2 Impressions Prev. Epics Epics. Media Media. Blog Blog. Contact Contact. Next blog post: Cancun, Mexico Next. There are 5 comments. That would probably work fine if you were infrequently entering Chinese characters.



Chinese handwriting input windows 10 download


Do you navigate Windows 10 using something other than a mouse? Perhaps you use a chinese handwriting input windows 10 download tablet with a pen, or you prefer using touch screen controls over typing or clicking.

In this case it might be more useful for you to use an alternate way of typing rather than using a traditional keyboard. One of the options available to you by default in Windows 10 is handwriting recognition which makes for a good ссылка if writing with a pen comes more naturally to you than a keyboard.

To do this, make sure you have the touch keyboard enabled on Windows Now that we have the touch keyboard active, we can activate handwriting. Click the touch keyboard button on your toolbar, and you should see this next image. This is the touch keyboard. If you press the button at the bottom-right of this window, a popup will appear.

This popup will contain an icon of a pen on a piece of paper. At this point Windows 10 will turn chinese handwriting input windows 10 download touch keyboard into an empty thin box. If you write words into this box using something akin to a mouse, digital pen, or touchscreen, it will translate what you wrote into text. To use this tool chinese handwriting input windows 10 download write in software, first click on something you want to write in.

Then, write what you want to type into the handwriting bar. You may find Windows 10 struggles a little bit with recognising your personal style. Target specific recognition errors is good if Windows is having trouble recognising specific words and letters in your style. You can tell Windows 10 how you write a specific word or letter or help it recognise characters with similar shapes such as 2, Z, and 3. Teach the recognizer your handwriting style is a better general option.

Windows will give you sentences and numbers to write, and you write them as you normally would. Windows then uses this data to better define what your writing style is like. Using handwriting recognition, you can forgo the keyboard and simply scribble what you want to write, chinese handwriting input windows 10 download it easier for those who use drawing tools or touchscreens to navigate Windows.

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Chinese handwriting input windows 10 download.Chinese Handwriting Input on Window 10

Language packs change the Start menu and other parts of the system into источник language. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling You may perform the inpht by clicking on the Update now button on this page and check again for handwriting option. No Need to Set up Anymore.


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