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Jan 08,  · Sudoku for Windows is one of the most amazing, challenging, intriguing, and entertaining puzzles to sweep the world in decades. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3×3 square. It has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guess. Fill digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Jul 08,  · Desktop Sudoku is a great puzzle game that allows you to play three different puzzles: Sudoku, Killer Sudoku and Sudoku X. Windows Mac. EN. Windows; Games; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11 and can function on bit systems. Our built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as % safe. Aug 09,  · When I want to play Microsoft Sudoku an ad for Microsoft Solitaire comes up and blocks some of the game screen. There is nothing to remove the ad, and when I click on it, it asks me to install Microsoft Solitaire (which I already have done). Microsoft Solitaire has a different screen in Windows 10 than it did for

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Description With Sudoku Free you can play millions of sudoku puzzles. Show More. People also like. Sudoku Oh no! Another one! FreeCell Solitaire!! Hearts Free. Solitaire Classic!! Words from Letters Free. Spider Solitaire Classic. Additional information Published by TreeCardGames. Published by TreeCardGames. Copyright Copyright c TreeCardGames.

All rights reserved. Developed by TreeCardGames. Four Horsemen is a fun puzzle game for desktop PCs that runs on the Pokki platform. If you like a challenge with your PC games, Four Horsemen can give it to Sudokus may not be the trendiest pastimes anymore, but I’m sure lots of people are still hooked on them. If you’re one of them, you can’t miss this Classic Sudoku 0. Free Download for Windows. Guess the missing number Classical Sudoku is a number puzzle game developed by Navione Game.

Windows beginner games board game games classic board games classic games for windows 7 classic games free. Sudoku Classic! Free Sudoku Platform for Computers and Mobile Phones Sudoku is a game enjoyed by millions of players from all walks of life. Windows classic board games classic games free classic games free for android download games for windows 11 free puzzle browser games. Microsoft Sudoku 2. Free Game for Puzzle Lovers Microsoft Sudoku is a modern twist on the classic game of Sudoku that has been created especially for Windows users.

Windows board game games board games for windows 10 board games free for windows free hypercasual browser games free puzzle browser games. Sudoku 2. Challenge yourself with numbers If you are not familiar with Sudoku, let us just say that it is a puzzle game that absolutely hates repetition. Windows easy games easy to use pc games puzzle games free for windows sudoku.

Simple Sudoku 4. A free PC games program for Windows Simple Sudoku is a free Windows game, belonging to the category PC games with subcategory Pastimes more specifically Sudoku and has been published by Windows games for free games for windows games free for windows pc games pc games for windows. HoDoKu 2. Learn to solve sudoku and play as many as you like I’ve tested lots of sudoku apps, but none of them were as detailed and feature rich as HoDoKu.

Windows play games for windows 7 puzzle games for windows 7 puzzle games free for windows puzzle games free for windows 7 sudoku. Sudoku Free 3. Windows download games for windows 11 game download for windows 10 game download for windows 11 layout for windows 10 puzzle games free for windows. Just Sudoku 1. Sudoku puzzles for all levels Sudoku reached the height of its popularity a few years ago, but continues to be an addictive way of stretching your brain power. Windows mp3 player for windows puzzle games free for windows sudoku sudoku for windows.

Classic Sudoku Master Varies with device 3. A free app for Windows, by Casual game. Windows board game games board games for windows 10 board games free for windows casual games casual games for windows. Sudoku Epic varies-with-device 4. This free Sudoku game is almost similar to other traditional Sudoku games, but the logic applied to solve a puzzle makes it stand out of the rest.

Awesome sound effects along with a lot of Sudoku puzzles will keep your day busy. Ichiban Sudoku is another free Sudoku game in this segment. It comes with a lot of Sudoku puzzles to solve, categorized into 4 difficulty levels. Besides this, it also provides a feature to create your own Sudoku puzzle. Ichiban Sudoku comes with a 9 x 9 grid. Unlimited hints are provided in the game, but there is a time penalty for each hint you take.

You can also view full solution of any Sudoku puzzle, but this will end the game and you will not get any points for that puzzle. You will get your final score at the end of each level. Like Imperial Sudoku, it also comes with an Automark feature. This feature marks all empty boxes with possible valid numbers. This will give you an idea to fill possible valid numbers in a particular block.

Besides this, you can also toggle its skin. It also lets you save a Sudoku puzzle on your computer, so that you can load it anytime. Apart from this, you can also take a print out of a Sudoku puzzle. Simple Sudoku lets you play Sudoku games on your PC. With a number of Sudoku puzzles, this free Sudoku game is a great time-pass. Play Sudoku by selecting a difficulty level that suits your problem-solving skills.

More than 4 difficulty levels are provided in this game that makes it interesting and different than other Sudoku games on this list. Unlike other Sudoku games in this list, the difficulty level is selected from the new section as the time of new puzzle creation. Try to solve each puzzle within minimum time. Mix Sudoku Light is another good Sudoku puzzle in this list. This is the only Sudoku game in this list that comes with 6 different types of Sudoku puzzles.

Each of these gaming modes has 10 different Sudoku puzzles to solve. These gaming modes make Mix Sudoku Light a little bit challenging as compared to other Sudoku games in this list.

This Sudoku puzzle game lets you check your answers. Just click Check button and it checks for all errors within seconds. Errors are marked with Red color. Besides this, you can also view the solution of a Sudoku puzzle anytime. Undo and redo features are also available in the game. Moreover, you can also save a solved game on your computer. I like Chain puzzle of this Sudoku puzzle game; it is the most interesting and challenging one. Install this game and find out which puzzle interests you the most.

This is a very interesting Sudoku puzzle. Rules to play this game are same as that of a general Sudoku puzzle, except for a difference. Here, you have to place candies instead of numbers in the grid. Try to place all candies at right place within minimum time. As this game uses candies to fill up the grid, it can be good Sudoku software for kids. To place a candy in a cell, just click on that cell and select a candy that you want to place.

Unlike other Sudoku games, there are no hints provided in the game. Moreover, it also lacks sound effects. You can undo your moves anytime while playing the game. Candy Sudoku comes with a lot of Sudoku puzzles and every time you launch the game, it generates a new puzzle for you.

If you liked Candy Sudoku, you will definitely like Halloween Sudoku. It is another Sudoku for kids in this list of free Sudoku games. To place a character, simply click a cell and select a suitable character. Remember, each character should appear once in its respective row and column.

Try to solve a Sudoku puzzle within a minimum time. Like Candy Sudoku, it also lacks sound effects. You can play it on your computer or take a print out to solve it on paper. The best part of the game is it shows a new Sudoku puzzle every time you launch it. Mermaid Sudoku is another free Sudoku for kids that comes with a theme of animated water animals and Mermaid.

The concept behind the game is same as that of the Halloween Sudoku game in this list no wonder, as all three of these games come from the same publisher. Drag a sea creature and drop it on a blank cell where you want to place it. As you begin the game, timer displayed on the top of the game also starts running.

Solve the whole puzzle within minimum time possible. To make this game easy for beginners, the symbols that already appeared in a row and column are displayed by a cross mark on them. You can pause a puzzle and undo your move anytime while playing the game.

Moreover, you can take a print out of any puzzle, if you want to solve it on a paper. Though this game is one of the best Sudoku for kids, but it lacks sound effects which is one of the important features of games for kids.

Apart from this, you can play it in both full-screen as well as window mode. This game also requires Adobe Flash Player to run. Rules to play this game are same as other general Sudoku games. In Very Simple gaming mode, you will get minimum boxes empty, whereas, in Hard gaming mode, maximum empty boxes will be there.

You have to fill the empty boxes with correct numbers, so that the number should not be repeated in its respective row, column, or small 3 x 3 box. Like other Sudoku games, it also uses a timer, which starts counting time as the game starts and lets you know how much time you have taken to solve a Sudoku puzzle. I have not found any scoring scheme in this free Sudoku Puzzle for Windows.

Hints and solutions are not provided in this game. This is the only limitation of this Sudoku game. Sudoku Classic is another free Windows 10 app. This Sudoku game comes with lots of Sudoku puzzles and generates a random puzzle each time you launch it on your PC. Sudoku puzzles are categorized on the basis of difficulty levels in this game. Here, you will find 5 difficulty levels, from Very Easy to Very Hard. If you get stuck anywhere, you can use hints. In addition, you can also view a full solution of any Sudoku puzzle.

Opting for a full solution will terminate the current game. To save your game, just click Save button and it will save the game on your PC. Sudoku For Free is a great Windows 10 app for Sudoku for beginners. This Sudoku game for Windows is best for those players who do not know how to play Sudoku and want to practice Sudoku. It shows incorrect numbers, blocks duplicate numbers, and shows guides , so that you can place a number in its correct position in the grid. You can enable all these three hints or any of them.

However, activating hints will reduce your score. Rules to play this Sudoku game are also same as that of the other general Sudoku games.

You will get points for every correct move. Keep an eye on timer and try to solve a Sudoku puzzle within a minimum time.


Sudoku for windows 10

Play at your own pace with freshly generated puzzles giving you endless supply of unique Sudoku games. For more fun, select from four (4). With Sudoku Free you can play millions of sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Free will give you endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment!


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You can solve challenging puzzles one-by-one by entering your answers, and Enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizable Sudoku board with visual guides that make reading the board and figuring out where to place your next number a breeze. Hence, difficulty increases. Climb up an overcome increasing challenges to reach new highs and scores. Sudoku Free 3.


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