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30 Nov

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This is not to mention switches, monkey bars, climbable walls, and many more terrain features that you can interact with. Still, for the sake of completeness, listen up We respect the applicable copyright. The camera did not follow Croc, but instead gave a nice close-up of the rock. You navigate the levels in 3D, controlling Croc from the third-person perspective behind his back as he negotiates various traps and obstacles and deals with monsters. Sign up Log in.


Croc Legend of the Gobbos – Download Game PC Iso New Free – CROC: LEGEND OF THE GOBBOS


This isn’t the best game- pretty flawed and nowhere near the level of polish that games like Mario and Spyro would have- but it’s alright! The graphics are very polygonal and archaic, yet colorful and lively enough that I’d argue they still hold up today in a charming way. Gameplay is where things get a tad bit shaky- the controls are definitely the most disputed aspect. They’re flawed, sure, and take a lot of adjusting to get used to, but I highly appreciate the fact that the level design is built around the controls, in which sense I’d call them tolerable except with the dang analog stick- don’t play with the Dualshock on, it’s pretty awkward.

The level design is decent, but also very “meh” in a lot of ways- collectibles are present but most aren’t particularly well hidden or guarded, leaving very little satisfaction upon getting them since no obstacle was overcome to obtain them.

There are puzzles, but most of them are pretty basic and consist simply of mundane stuff like collecting a key and back-tracking back to a place where you remember finding a key.

Where the game definitely shines the most is when it presents raw, enjoyable platforming- parts that, once again, get by despite the strange controls because they were built with said controls in mind. This is why I think Croc, for the most part, works on the playing front despite occasionally- well, alright, somewhat frequently frustrating moments. All in all, Croc might not be a game for everyone; it’s by no means perfect, and if you’re too adjusted to tight games like Mario 64 then you probably won’t enjoy it.

Perhaps maybe I’m a bit biased towards the game because I did a hecka ton of research on it in order to overhaul its Wikipedia article go read that junk baby, I wrote half of it lol and thus I have a somewhat personal connection to it even though I actually purchased the game afterwards, but I honestly thought it was very enjoyable in a lot of ways.

Despite minorly annoying controls and largely half-baked level design, it provides enough basic fun for me to find myself frequently turning it on and brushing through a few levels just for the heck of it. If you find it for cheap, by all means, go for it- this is definitely a hidden gem! I bought croc for PS1. Its case looks brand new replaces and the book and disc are both in great condition, so far the game works amazing – like new. The only issue I had was small and delayed shipping a few days.

But still came quickly. All in all was a good experience. I love the game Croc it’s so easy to play. I have number one and number two Croc games. I used to play this game when I was young and it held up over the years it’s a hidden gem. Very cute little game, once you get used to the older control scheme that didn’t make use of two thumbsticks. My wife and I enjoy this one together she likes platforming games.

I would guess that if you’d played it as a kid I didn’t it would also have a strong nostalgia factor. It’s a very charming game. Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Eingestellt in Kategorie:. Auf die Beobachtungsliste. Dieses Angebot wurde beendet. Innerhalb von ca. Details zu Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. Solch einen Artikel verkaufen. Weitere passende Anzeigen.

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Bei einer CD sind das Albumcover und der Einleger vorhanden. Die Anweisungen zum Videospiel sind vorhanden. Sony PlayStation 1. Release Year:. Fox Interactive. Game Name:. Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. Product Information In Croc, you play Croc ironically enough , a lively crocodile who was raised by the Gobbos. Jealous of their happiness, the evil Baron Dante took over the Gobbos Valley and enslaved all of them.

Beany the Bird was able to help Croc escape and now he must free the Gobbos from their enslavement. A total of nine bosses exist along with an entire host of evil creatures who must be overcome on your way to defeating Baron Dante. In the game you will be required to perform precision platform jumping during exploration through a 3D world. You can choose between three camera angles but the camera rotates on its own as you move. Product Identifiers Publisher.

Product Key Features Platform. Release Year. Game Name. Mild Animated Violence. ESRB Rating. Game Name Special Features. Take out enemies with Croc’s stomp maneuver and tail attack Work your way through underwater caves, volcanoes, ice glaciers, and forests to save your friends the Gobbos Exploresix unique worlds as Croc to face and defeat the evil Baron Dante. Control Elements. Number of Players. Bewertungen und Rezensionen Mehr erfahren Rezension schreiben. Relevanteste Rezensionen Alle 30 Rezensionen ansehen.

X Vorheriges Bild. Hidden gem classic I used to play this game when I was young and it held up over the years it’s a hidden gem. Charming and simple, a great PSx classic! Es gibt marken- oder urheberrechtliche Streitigkeiten. Noch mehr entdecken:. Details zu Croc: Legend of the Gobbos 43 Produktbewertungen 4.

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