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30 Nov

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Beetle Bug – Play for Free – GameTop

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Download the free full version now and help small bugs preserve the underworld of evil monsters! Free game features: Tons of wacky. Bugs are known to be useful in nature; they are industrious and even pretty sometimes. This beetle is not an exception. Even better! Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders. Each maze-like level calls for your arsenal of logic, wits and weapons to succeed. Fly around and.


Beetle Bug – Play for Free – FastDownload

Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders. Each maze-like level calls for your arsenal of logic, wits and weapons to succeed. Fly around and. Beetle Bug Free Downloads for PC. This fun video game will see you scurrying around! Help the little bug preserve the underground world from the evil.


Beetle Bug Game – Free Download


OK, raise your hand if this thought crossed your mind: “Hot new car license? The game’s bound to be a crappy, half-assed racer. As soon as I played the first stage. I fell in love. Everywhere I looked: shortcuts, alternate paths, secret routes, etc. Even alternate paths can have alternate paths within them! You could spend a lot of time and have a lot of fun exploring each of six HUGE race courses–the fantastic level designs alone could sell Beetle Racing more tracks would’ve been nice though If you’re the type who loves breaking a game down and finding every little secret it has to offer, you’re gonna love this title even more.

Trying to find alt the “flower” and bonus point crates in Beetle Racing is akin to opening up all the secrets in GoldenEye–it’s addicting and you’ll obsess over it until you get every last damn one of them. Finally, the multiplayer Beetle Battle Mode caps off an already fine dish. While it’s a bit more limited In play than the aforementioned kart games’ battle modes, this combat mode is still a blast for four. Overall, this is a surprisingly fun game with long-lasting replay value. BAR may very well be my favorite N64 racer to date.

The track, designs are brilliant; not only do they look amazing, but they’re HUGE, and they’re packed with shortcuts and hidden routes. Trying to find all of the Bonus Points on each slage makes for some senous chal-lenge. Multiplayer play is fun especially Beetle Battle , but it’s lame that you have to “unlock” extra battle tracks.

They should’ve been accessible from the get-go. Holy cow, this is good! BAR’S gameplay is outstanding. It’s highly competitive and very playable, with the best track designs I’ve seen on an N64 racer.

Locating shortcuts and seeking out bonus points is awesome, and it adds mega replay to the game. I can’t get over the great mix of gameplay, track design and overall challenge, it all fits together very nicely. The best N64 racer yet.

There’s 50 much I want to say about BAR; it looks and sounds incredible, the controls are absolutely Spot-on they feel real without being too realistic and the tracks are brilliantly designed and full of secrets and bonus items. It’s probably the best racing game on the N64 by far and the fact that it allows you to play in so many different ways ensures that you’ll keep playing for a long time. I nearly gave it a Wheels spinning, engine roaring, you burn down the narrow trail at more than a hundred miles an hour, dirt kicking out from under your tyres.

Ahead of you a competitor weaves to the side to block your passage but you feint right, then suddenly swerve left and hammer the gas pedal to the floor, bringing you alongside your speeding companion just as you reach the suspension bridge.

You’re the best, you’re the fastest, you’re Ahead of you the bridge is out, and your opponent is your only escape route. Desperately you spin the wheel, but it’s too late. As the other driver races past the pile of rubble which marks the beginning of a huge chunk of missing bridge your car sails into space, dropping hundreds of feet per second. This is it, you’re doomed, you’re going to crash and then have to wait for vital seconds while your car is put back on the track At least, you would, but this is no ordinary N64 race game, this is Beetle Adventure Racing!

Before you can say Tmtooyoungtoodieaaaaaaah’ your shiny VW racer has landed in cave and you’re off along yet another hidden route! Before we go any further, let’s get out of the way the obvious comment that all the Nintendo-hating anal-retentive PSX racing game obsessive are bound to come up with. Specifically, it’s not Gran Turismo.

There aren’t about five hundred cars in it to begin with, and you can’t tinker with everything from the suspension settings to the size of the blade on the windscreen wipers.

And you don’t have to pass tests in order to drive. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not everyone wants their driving games to be so complicated. And at the end of the day, let’s face it, the tracks in Gran Turismo weren’t exactly very exciting, were they? When you first switch on the game you are given a choice of only two one-player tracks and three battle arenas which we’ll come to in a moment. Now two tracks doesn’t seem much, does it? But rest assured, even if you don’t try the championship mode which is how you unlock further tracks it is not exaggerating to say that just these two courses are enough to keep you coming back to the game for weeks on end!

For every circuit in Beetle Adventure Racing is – to put it bluntly – bloody huge. Forget Top Gear Rally with its one or two brief in-game shortcuts, the tracks in Beetle Adventure Racing contain a positive plethora of multiple routes on every course. On most of the tracks it’s entirely possible to take part in a three lap race and never go the same way twice! These circuits are that big. As well as being big, another thing the tracks in the game have in their favour is the detailed scenery, much of which is destroyable.

Every track is littered from start to finish with all the traditional elements that crop up in classic film car chases. Crates and barrels of all shapes and sizes inhabit every bend in addition to the more common road signs, all of which can be knocked down. Plate glass windows are just asking to be crashed through, as are barn doors, seemingly solid icy rock faces, garage doors, shop fronts, cinema screens and even the odd stained-glass window.

If the scenery can’t be destroyed, it’s probably because it moves. Dinosaurs, trains, helicopters, balloons, pirate galleons and falling rock pillars are just a few of the interesting things you’ll encounter on your travels. They all look solid and – more impressively – they move.

No attractive-but-static two-dimensional scenery in this game, oh no! As if all this isn’t enough to make the game thoroughly playable, special crates add another element to the gameplay. There are two kinds; the first is a Nitro crate and – fairly obviously -breaking it open grants you a superspeed nitro boost, complete with burning tyres a la Back To The Future.

These crates only appear once when you collect them, that’s it and some routes can’t be travelled without them, like the jump over water which requires that extra burst of speed for you to reach the shore.

This makes your choice of route important as you can’t always just take the same path every time. The other kind of crate is the bonus crate. These are positioned all over the track, often in obscure places, and have a value from two to ten. In all, there are a hundred bonus points on each level and collecting all of them on any stage unlocks a bonus track in the battle mode – which we’ll come to in a second.

Honestly, we’ll get to it eventually! The catch is that you can only collect the points in championship mode and you can’t afford to fall too far behind – get a minute or more behind the last car and you get disqualified.

So searching for points becomes a two-stage problem. First of all you’ve got to find them, and second of all you need to make sure you keep up with the other racers. It’s far from easy! In addition to a one and two-player race mode, including time trial and a one-on-one Vs CPU duel option, Beetle Adventure Racing also offers a two, three or four player battle mode.

Racing fans will no doubt be aware that battle modes in car games tend to be fairly average I affairs, particularly on the N64, and often it seems that this option has been added in seemingly as an afterthought in order to let the marketing people stick a four-player logo on the box. Notable battle modes in recent N64 racing games include In Beetle Adventure Racing however, an awful lot of thought has obviously gone into the battle games and the result is one of the most addictive multiplayer modes since Goldeneye.

The object of the battle arenas is a simple one. Each player must collect six coloured bugs from around the level and then make their way to the exit. To make things interesting, there are various weapons and power-ups available. Missiles, mines and a shield allow you to batter other players, and a device called a stealer allows you to pinch bugs they have already collected if you can hit them with it.

There are also three different mystery weapons which have some pretty bizarre effects on your opponents’ viewing windows. You encounter a different variety of beetle in the battle game – the kind with lots of legs. These bright fellows crop up all round each stage and you need to be the first to collect the six different colours and reach the exit in order to win.

Sounds easy Stage one contains the obligatory balloons, which are nonetheless bright and colourful. More impressive however are the helicopters which pop up on stage two at the beginning, then fly off and hover at the first bridge.

They make jumping from the bridge all the more fun – this pilot’ll probably need a change of underpants! What makes the multiplayer so much fun is the simplicity of the gameplay -not too many weapons and a fairly straightforward objective – and some extremely well-designed battle arenas. Usually in this type of game you get some areas that are fun and others that just don’t play very well, but in this each arena offers different challenges and a different style of play.

To begin with, only three battle stages are open because as mentioned previously to unlock the others there are nine in all you need to collect the bonus points in the one-player game. Graphically, Beetle Adventure Racing is extremely impressive. The detail on each of the tracks is superb, and – apart from one or two very rare exceptions where things just get too much and things slow down ever so slightly – the whole game runs very smoothly and very fast throughout, even in four-player.

The range of different terrains is incredible, with a range of different environments being present on every track. And each track is totally different from the others! The variety of different routes on each stage is just astounding, and some of them are so well hidden that you’ll probably take ages to find them all.

One refreshing part of the game is the way that the hidden routes have been designed to keep the action going. Repeatedly your car will plunge into a chasm, having not quite managed to jump a broken bridge, or tumble down the side of a mountain after not-quite making the corner and you expect the car to be destroyed and then placed back on the track. Instead you more often than not drop into a previously unseen area and start following a totally separate route through unfamiliar terrain, thus keeping the pace going.

This, coupled with the fact that on many tracks you can quite literally roam the landscape to your heart’s content -on the desert track you don’t need to follow the road at all and can instead just wander off over the dunes – makes Beetle Adventure Racing a joy to play.

Random wandering is even actively encouraged, because when you do it you often find yet more hidden paths which may or may not help you to win the race. Quite simply, Beetle Adventure Racing is the most fun, most exciting and most satisfying racing game on the N64 to date. If you want serious, realistic racing then F-1 World Grand Prix might be more to your taste but if you want to experience wild driving thrills across, over and even under some breathtaking and detailed landscapes then Beetle Adventure Racing is the one to buy!


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